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BPDC Ghana COVID-19 Relief Fund

Tarkwa, Ghana is now on lockdown for at least two weeks. Most of our sponsored children's families rely on irregular 'hand to mouth' income by selling items at the roadside. With the lockdown in place, they are no longer able to go to work and make a living. With no savings, these families are at risk. Teenage girls will also not be able to go to the market to buy sanitary pads. Therefore, we are aiming to support these families with a package of the most important items to see them through this period of great need, including food, water, soap, and sanitary pads, etc. We also hope to educate the families on the way they can stop the spread of this virus and, in particular, the importance of handwashing (with the soap we will provide). Your help will significantly assist the BPDC in fulfilling the mission of continuing to provide education to schoolchildren by finding the resources that will carry us through this difficult time.

Use of Proceeds

We're aiming to support 100 families for the two-week lockdown period. With $25 we can purchase enough food items, water, soap, and sanitary pads (as needed) per family.

When we distribute these packages, we will combine them with 'safe education on how they can play their part in stopping the spread of the disease and keep themselves and their family safe.

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